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Discografia Billie Holiday

A Fine Romance - 4 Mi Love EP

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A Fishermans Friend

Absolute Hits

After Work

All Day Lazing

All Of Me

All The Bars

All the Fabulous Masters



An Evening With Billie Holiday

And All That Jazz - Billie Holiday

Around The World

Ask To Dance

atmospheric Vol. 1

atmospheric Vol. 2

atmospheric Vol. 3

atmospheric Vol. 4

atmospheric Vol. 5

atmospheric Vol. 6

atmospheric Vol. 7

atmospheric Vol. 8

atmospheric Vol. 9 

atmospheric Vol. 10

Back To Back

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Birth of the Blues

Blues For you

Body And Soul

Bon Voyage

Balmy Breeze Vol. 2 

Balmy Breeze Vol. 3

Balmy Breeze Vol. 4

Balmy Breeze Vol. 6

Balmy Breeze Vol. 7

Balmy Breeze Vol. 8

Balmy Breeze Vol. 9

Balmy Breeze Vol. 10

Balmy Breeze Vol. 11

Boundless Glee


Breaking Good


Dancing into the New Year

Date Night Out

Days To Come

Double Decker

Breeze Vol. 1 

Breeze Vol. 2

Breeze Vol. 3 

Breeze Vol. 4

Breeze Vol. 5

Breeze Vol. 6 

Breeze Vol. 7

Breeze Vol. 8

Breeze Vol. 9

Breeze Vol. 10

Breeze Vol. 11

Breeze Vol. 12

Driving Under the Moon


Easily Stop Time

Elegant Evening

Empire Room


Enjoy Beautiful

Enjoy It



Favorite Song


Fancy Feelings Vol. 1

Fancy Feelings Vol. 2

Fancy Feelings Vol. 3

Fancy Feelings Vol. 4

Fancy Feelings Vol. 5

Fervent Feelings Vol. 1 

Fervent Feelings Vol. 2 

Fervent Feelings Vol. 3

Fervent Feelings Vol. 4

Fervent Feelings Vol. 5

Fervent Feelings Vol. 6

Fervent Feelings Vol. 7

Fervent Feelings Vol. 8

Fervent Feelings Vol. 9

Fervent Feelings Vol. 10

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