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domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015

Discografia Lou Reed

Live - In Concert

American Poet [live]

Animal Serenade [live]

Berlin Live at St. Ann's Warehouse


Coney Island Baby

Different Times - Lou Reed In The 70's


Growing Up In Public

Le Bataclan '72 [live]

Legendary Hearts

Live In Italy

Live Take No Prisoners

Lou Reed

Lulu (Lou Reed & Metallica Album)


Magic And Loss


New Sensations

New York

Perfect Day
Perfect Night In London

Radio FM Lou Reed

Rock And Roll Heart

Sally Can't Dance

Set The Twilight Reeling

Songs for Drella Live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Songs for Drella

Spanish Fly

Street Hassle

Take No Prisoners

The Bells
The Best of Lou Reed And The Velvet Underground

The Blue Mask

The Raven


Walk On The Wild Side - The Best Of Lou Reed


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